Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Polke Salad Briesa

Hey. I made a  sim. Her name is Briesa Polke. I envisioned her as a prostitute, but you can make her whatever the hell you want her to be.


-  Peggy Donate 25. I used Marie Antoinette's retexture, but she removed her files, and therefore you cannot access this. 

- Non-default skin Sobieski by Geldyh.

- Uhm. Sliders. I don't know where I got them. I know they are Jonha's body sliders, awtmk facial sliders, and uhm. Thats it. You don't need them, but if you edit her face, she will look like a possessed sheep. 

- Eye bags by Arisuka I cant remember which one, so download them all.

- Eyeliner by Simple Life Download ALL the eyeliners. 

- Cheek Pores by Shyne

- Lipstick by Shyne

- Multiple Piercings by Aikea Guinea.

- Everyday dress by Juliana

- Shoes by RustyNail

- Nails by IN3S

- Formal Dress by Somone.. I actually can't remember.

- Formal shoes by Noxeen @ T$R

- Night lingerie, is from somewhere. Idk.

- Night hair, is an unreleased from Marie Antoinette. I have it all combined, so I can't share. Tough nuts.

- Athletic top by Imaginarium of Green.

- Good luck on the shorts. I have not a clue.

- Shoes by Traelia.

- Bathing suit by ilikemusic640 2 T$R.

And that should be it! I hope you like her. I personally love her. So take good care of her.

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  1. The formal dress is from Juliana. Find it here! (I think)http://julianascorner.blogspot.com/2012/05/audrey-dress.html