Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Desperate Plea!

Hey yall. So basically I kind of *ahem* fucked my computer in the ass. I was trying to replace the RAM sticks, and I accidentally fried my motherboard. I bought a replacement, but I lost everything that was on my computer. Textures, Sims, everything. So basically, there is no need for me to create anymore! I will do random things for myself. Sorry for all of this shit, but I really had no intentions of it ending this way. In my obituary, you can say "Gone too soon." Well. I guess if I get things running again, I will start posting again, but until then. Buh-bye. xox


If anyone has any of Marie Antoinette's retextures, please send them to me A.S.A.P. I need them. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Polke Salad Briesa

Hey. I made a  sim. Her name is Briesa Polke. I envisioned her as a prostitute, but you can make her whatever the hell you want her to be.


-  Peggy Donate 25. I used Marie Antoinette's retexture, but she removed her files, and therefore you cannot access this. 

- Non-default skin Sobieski by Geldyh.

- Uhm. Sliders. I don't know where I got them. I know they are Jonha's body sliders, awtmk facial sliders, and uhm. Thats it. You don't need them, but if you edit her face, she will look like a possessed sheep. 

- Eye bags by Arisuka I cant remember which one, so download them all.

- Eyeliner by Simple Life Download ALL the eyeliners. 

- Cheek Pores by Shyne

- Lipstick by Shyne

- Multiple Piercings by Aikea Guinea.

- Everyday dress by Juliana

- Shoes by RustyNail

- Nails by IN3S

- Formal Dress by Somone.. I actually can't remember.

- Formal shoes by Noxeen @ T$R

- Night lingerie, is from somewhere. Idk.

- Night hair, is an unreleased from Marie Antoinette. I have it all combined, so I can't share. Tough nuts.

- Athletic top by Imaginarium of Green.

- Good luck on the shorts. I have not a clue.

- Shoes by Traelia.

- Bathing suit by ilikemusic640 2 T$R.

And that should be it! I hope you like her. I personally love her. So take good care of her.

NewSea Jelena

Ohmygod. I haven't seen anything more elegant since your fall from grace.

You might say it's too poofy. Well, I like it. Even though it is.

Monday, May 14, 2012

SkySims Hair 016

Lurvely. Well sorta. I really wanted to edit this mesh. But apparently I suck at that. I need the Sims 2 mesh I think. But anyways this is what you get. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

NewSea Millet


Well. I retextured this hair using my new texture. Actually, I can't say that, otherwise I would get my ass sued. I found it on the internet mkay? Anyways. I know it looks kinda sharp, but if you use regular colors and not bright highlights like me, they don't look so dangerous.

NewSea LuckyStar

Uhm. Ok. Seeing as this is my first upload, how about I clear up some things? Firsst off, you might say “Gee-golly, this looks rather familiar.” And It should. When Marie left, she literally passed me the torch if you will, so I received all of her textures. She taught me how to retexture shit, and so here I am. The spirit of her will live on in my poorly executed stuff. So. Here it is.

Honestly, if you want to know all of the "specifics" this is an adjust-shine hair. I don't fucking know how to make EA hairs.. plus they suck. So there.